The Innovator’s Mindset

My first book, “The Innovator’s Mindset; Empower Learning, Unleash Talent and Lead a Culture of Creativity” is now available at Amazon.  This is a prelude to my latest book, “Innovate Inside the Box; Empowering Learners Through UDL and the Innovator’s Mindset” which is also available on Amazon.  You can find a full resource for this book at

Below is the current table of contents which will house additional links, resources, as well as discussion questions for each chapter.  I wanted to provide this as a space that brings the book to life and encourages people to go deeper into the content, as well as provide links and questions to guide any book chats on the topic.

Here is an endorsement from Michael Fullan, Canadian educational researcher and former dean of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.:


“At last here is an Innovator’s Mindset for everyday teachers and students. Clear, exciting, practical examples galore, and discussion questions. George Couros takes us into the innovative mind and action set and does not let us escape. Be prepared to enter a new world that makes learning and innovation synonymous.”
Michael Fullan, Author and Consultant.




Please check out the chapter guides with questions and links below.  Also, here is a sample book study created by Bethany Ligon that you may use or modify.

(If you are interested in bulk orders, please do not hesitate to connect with Wendy Van Dyk of DBC.)

Cover in 3D



Chapter 1: What Innovation Is and Isn’t
Chapter 2: The Innovator’s Mindset
Chapter 3: Characteristics of the Innovator’s Mindset

PART II: Laying The Groundwork

Chapter 4: Relationships, Relationships, Relationships
Chapter 5: Learn, Lead, Innovate
Chapter 6: Engage Versus Empower
Chapter 7: Creating a Shared Vision

PART III: Unleashing Talent

Chapter 8: Strengths-Based Leadership
Chapter 9: Powerful Learning First, Technology Second
Chapter 10: Less Is More
Chapter 11: Embracing an Open Culture
Chapter 12: Create Meaningful Learning Experiences for Educators

PART IV: Concluding Thoughts

Chapter 13: Are We There Yet?
Chapter 14: The Biggest Barrier and “Game Changer”to Innovation in Education


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