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Below is some of the work that I have focused on regarding the idea of the “Innovator’s Mindset”.  

I have defined it below:

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 10.26.22 PMPlease feel free to peruse the ideas below and share your thoughts.

The Innovator’s Mindset – This is the post that defines the notion of the “innovator’s mindset” and sets the stage for the rest of the posts.  Without educators adopting this mindset, it is tough to move forward in a time where change is the only constant.

Does Brainstorming Lead to Innovation? – Brainstorming is known to be a “tried and true” method for coming up with innovative ideas, but there are opposing voices towards this, and simple tweaks that we can make that will make this process so much stronger than what many currently do right now.

The Biggest Barrier To Innovation – Often what is holding us back is not someone else, but ourselves.  The most innovative people within an organizations don’t think “outside of the box”, but they create powerful opportunities inside of it.

Should every educator be an “innovator”? – Is innovation only reserved for the few or can it be for all? Depending upon how you look at it, every educator can adopt this mindset.

8 Characteristics of the Innovator’s Mindset – What are the characteristics of the “innovator’s mindset”?  This goes beyond to what it is, to what it looks like.

8 Characteristics of the Innovator’s Mindset (Interview and Blog Questions) – This blog post is a supplement to the above to understand where people are on their journey to innovation in education.

What Innovation Is and Isn’t – People often think “technology” is innovation, but the words are not synonymous even though they are often related.  Simply defining what innovation is, and measuring it’s impact are crucial.  What is always “new” would not always be deemed innovative.

The “Want” and the “Way” – We have this notion that people don’t want to change, but in reality, if they see something better for kids, they will make it happen.  Here is a great example of a teacher doing exactly that.

Why we don’t truly embrace failure – “Failure” is a notion that many people have embraced in education, but is it something that we truly embrace or are we aiming for something much different?

5 Ideas For Conversations on Change – It is hard to change others, without first focusing on changing ourselves.  That being said, there are some important elements of conversations if we are to not only help others to see our point of view, but for an individual to understand where someone is coming from.

5 Critical Questions for the Innovative Educator – Innovation starts with questions, and if we don’t know where to start asking, we could easily end up spinning our wheels.

8 Characteristics of the Innovative Leader – To have an innovative educators, it starts with leadership that thinks differently.  We need a leader that pushes the boundaries of what can happen for our students.

5 Characteristics of the Innovative Organization – What makes an organization, as a whole, innovative.  If we want something embodied by individuals, we have to think differently together.

The Biggest Game Changer in Education – What we know about technology is that it will come and go, but people and how we aim to move forward can be the constant that changes everything.

Isolation is the enemy of innovation – Innovation is not done in silos, but in shared opportunities to bounce ideas and actions off of others.  If we are going to  move forward, we will not be able to do it alone.

4 Reasons Why “Innovation” in Education is Different Today – Although “innovation” is seen as a buzzword, is not something that is totally new to education.  We can just do it better now.

Leading Innovative Change (Series) – This is a series of blog posts that I have written on how to help people move forward in it’s infancy.  This will also be the basis of a book that I am hoping to write very soon.

11 Ideas for Fostering an Innovative Culture – For innovation to happen in schools, it is imperative that we remove barriers to unleash talent.  What is crucial is that we focus on creating a culture of innovation, as opposed to pockets.

4 thoughts on “Posts Related to The “Innovator’s Mindset””

  1. HI George,

    I like your thinking and there is so much there to debate and discuss. The idea of an innovators mindset sits well with me. In my experience a creative thinker, a risk taker and someone with integrity and wisdom are exactly the qualities of an innovator mindset. If any one of these qualities is missing it becomes a very different beast.
    I have known many creative thinkers who do not have the personality either to communicate the vision or to empower and engage others to become involved.
    I always feel that the single critical factor in leadership is about the personality. In a way , almost no ego or being able to lose the ‘self’ aspect , is in my opinion, the best type of leader. They can still be strong and confident but putting others ahead whilst driving forward creative ideas requires real skill and intellect. I have only worked with a few of this type of leader and , wow, they are amazing.

    I would love to have time to keep going on this topic but, the world of education here in Scotland is brimming with ideas and I am in the middle of working on some of these right now.

    Hope to read more of your thinking George.

    The very best of luck.

    Ann Floyd.

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