Wonder, Explore, Lead

I tweeted this quote from my book, “The Innovator’s Mindset“:

As I look at it, I think more about what our learning experiences look like for our staff. Do they have the opportunity to “wonder, explore, lead,” or is this something we save for our students only?

The best way to create the culture you want for your students is to build it for the adults. There are so many constraints placed on schools from government mandates, but do we add to these constraints ourselves? I know that people complain about the state of testing in the US, but I also know that many districts add a multitude of their testing in pursuit of doing better on the state tests. Ask in your organization what you control and what you don’t. Then when you figure out what you control, make those conditions better.


The learners in your organization should have their curiosity stoked. Their ability to explore their learning. When you limit staff, you restrict students.

Find a way for your staff to “wonder, explore, and lead”, and they will most likely do the same for their students.

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