The Right Thing at the Wrong Time

Listening to the audio version of  Tony Robbins’ book, “Unshakeable”, which talks about planning your financial future and investing (side note…do we have students reading and discussing these books in K-12? I sure could have benefitted from this a long time ago instead of racking up credit card debt! For another blog post…), he made the following statement (paraphrased):

Copy of 10 productivity tips

The example he gave to accentuate his point was based on farming.  You can know all of the best techniques as a farmer, but if you plant seeds during the wrong season, nothing will grow.

Both the statement and analogy make a lot of sense when talking about school culture and moving forward.  Although we want schools to continuously get better, there are things that need to be done before seeds are planted.  If you are an administrator to a new school, do you come in and try to change everything, or make sure that you create a climate where new crop will grow?  Getting to know people, what their strengths are, understanding the norms and traditions of the culture, asking “why” a lot, and other things need to happen before you change anything.   If the “culture” is not there, no book or program will be successful with a staff.

If you are moving forward, what is the shared vision, and is your organization ready for it? If not, don’t ignore it, ask how you get people to that point?

Simple idea and analogy, that makes a lot of sense.

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