The Process is the Product

Many educators are great at bringing “experts” into their classrooms. I always say that the best person to teach kids about space is probably an astronaut, not necessarily a teacher.  I have seen teachers do this over and over again and it is an excellent opportunity for our students.

But do the students know how the teacher made that happen?  Other than saying, “I asked,” there are so many different ways that a teacher could make this happen.  Are we explicit about the process or do we merely celebrate the product?

In education, the process is the product. 

Not only should we go over the process of how we make those connections happen (amongst other things that teachers do to give students incredible opportunities for students), we should provide opportunities for our students to make those connections themselves.

This is leading by example and learning by example.

The opportunities teachers create for students are much more powerful when teachers teach students to create them for themselves.

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