Chapter 9: Powerful Learning First, Technology Second

Chapter Synopsis:

Are our decisions in education made from a place of knowledge, or lack thereof?  In this chapter, the focus is how we make our decisions and how we dive into our own learning, to understand the impact of our decisions from the viewpoint of a learner first.  It is important that we understand that learners are the driver of our decisions, and that is always a central focus.

Further Reading/Exploration:

Tom Murray: 10 Steps Technology Directors Can Take to Stay Relevant
Seymour Papert: Project Based Learning
George Couros: 4 Guiding Questions for your IT Department

Further Viewing:

Lachlan’s First Hearing Aid
Bea’s Makeup Tutorial
Rubik’s Cube; A Question Waiting to be Answered


Discussion Questions:

  1. How do you model and explore new opportunities for learning in your own practice?
  2. What opportunities are you providing for informal learning, exploration, and “play” with new technologies in your organization?
  3. How do you move from “standardized” to “personalized” learning opportunities for your students and staff?


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