Chapter 3: Characteristics of the Innovator’s Mindset

Chapter Synopsis:

As discussed in Chapter 2, the “Innovator’s Mindset” is crucial, but what does it look like? In this chapter, I break down the idea of this mindset and discuss the characteristics with relevant examples from a teacher’s classroom.

Further Reading/Exploration:

Tom Kaneshige: How ‘Liquid Networks’ Can Lead to the Next Great Idea
Clive Thompson: Why Even the Worst Bloggers are Making Us Smarter
What is accelerated learning?
*New Resource – Interview Questions on “The Innovator’s Mindset”



Further Viewing:

Innovation Driven (Great video on the thinking that exemplifies the “Innovator’s Mindset”)
Ewan McIntosh: The Problem Finders (Video and Blog Post)
Chris Anderson: How web video powers global innovation

8 Characteristics of the Innovator's Mindset

Discussion Questions:

  1. What risk might you take to change learning experiences?
  2. How might you create an environment that fosters risk taking?
  3. How do you exhibit the innovators mindset in the learning and work that you do currently?
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