Chapter 12: Create Meaningful Learning Experiences for Educators

Chapter Synopsis:

We create what we experience.  Yet too often we talk about what powerful learning can look like, yet not necessarily provide professional learning opportunities for our community to really experience what learning could look like today.

Further Reading/Exploration:

Will Richardson: More To It
Kelly Christopherson: 5 Ways To Empower Educators
Jesse Mclean: Resources on Innovation Week
Chris Wejr: Creating Time for Teachers to Tinker
Scott McLeod: Blah blah blah life long learning blah blah blah

*Added6 Ways to Use Twitter for In-School Professional Learning

Further Viewing:

EdCamp 101 (Video)
AITSL – Professional Learning Animation


Discussion Questions:

  1. How do you both personalize learning opportunities while moving the co-created vision forward for your school/organization?
  2. How do you create connections to the learning that we do as educators to the opportunities that are created for students in your school? Are you creating what you experience?
  3. Which elements of the “8 Things to Look for in Today’s Classroom” do you already see in your professional learning opportunities? What elements are lacking?


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