Chapter 11: Embracing an Open Culture

Chapter Synopsis:

How do we make great learning go viral? The amount of resources that educators have access to is far more than even 10 years ago, but do we promote sharing, or stifle it? Educators need to move from the idea that “I have nothing great to share”, to “what I share can make a difference for students anywhere.”  With the technologies we have access to, it is not only important to share globally, but more important to learn from one another locally.

Further Reading/Exploration:

Steven Johnson: Where Good Ideas Come From (Book)
Clive Thompson: Why Even the Worst Bloggers are Making Us Smarter
Connected Principals (Collaborative Blog)

Further Viewing:

Lawrence Lessig: Laws that Choke Creativity
Steven Johnson: Where Good Ideas Come From (Video)
Derek Sivers: Obvious to You, Amazing to Others


Discussion Questions:

  1. How are you actively sharing your learning with your school and global community?
  2. How do you make the great learning go “viral” in your school, to move from “pockets” to a “culture of innovation?”
  3. How do you use the concept of “competitive collaboration” to accelerate the growth of both individuals and your school/organization?


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