The Gift of Rejection

I love this video on “The Gift of Rejection” from Jia Jiang on “rejection therapy” for not only the smile it provided but the power of its message:


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I am going to totally start asking for burger refills! 

On the delivery of this talk.

As someone who speaks for a living, Jia Jang’s ability to take me from laughter to tears in seconds is a special gift and reminds me that speaking is an art form.

Now onto the message.

This quote hit me hard:



“These people did not let rejection define them. They let their own reaction after rejection define themselves, and they embrace rejection.”

Jia Jiang



Some of the best things that have happened in my life resulted from me asking for something that I at first believed would be unattainable.

I distinctly remember asking my superintendent years ago to create a job for me at the central office level that I felt was necessary for our schools. I remember him laughing at me for my boldness and saying no. Even though my request was denied, I walked out of that office with no embarrassment or second thoughts.

Two months later, he offered me the opportunity to create and take that job that would change both my professional and personal trajectory.

It is easy to think about what we have to lose when asking for something that may seem to be outside of our reach.  And that is often a good thing to consider. We often have to lose a little bit of pride, maybe some embarrassment, but really, asking for a promotion has rarely led to an immediate firing. I am sure it has happened, but way less in our heads than in actual practice.

But the thing we often don’t consider enough is what we have to gain by risking the feelings of rejection?

Regrets are often the product of risks we didn’t take, not the opposite.

I loved this video because it is a powerful reminder of how letting go of our fear of rejection can open up doors within our reach.




(I want to start adding some questions for discussion at the end of these posts that you can either answer in the comment section of the blog below or use for personal reflection or professional learning. It might not work, but there is no better time to try something new than after writing this post!)



Questions for Discussion


  1. When is a time you took the risk of being rejected, either personally or professionally, and it didn’t pay off?
  2. When is a time you took the risk of being rejected, either personally or professionally, and it provided something positive in your life?
  3. This video would be great for discussion with students on how they can empower themselves in learning and life.  What are two questions that could accompany this video in a classroom discussion other than the ones listed above?
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