The Emotional Roller Coaster of Being a Teacher

This time of year can be emotionally exhausting, so here is something that might brighten up your day.

Watch this GIF of a dad teaching his son to hit a baseball and tells him to “keep his eye on the ball”:

“Keep your eye on the ball son”

I laughed hysterically at this when I first saw it, and then thought about how hard it is to be a teacher. The emotional roller coaster that a teacher can go on in a single day, hour, minute, is exemplified in this post.

Watch it again:

“Keep your eye on the ball son”

What do you see in a short span with the dad?

I see the following…





All things teachers can feel in a matter of seconds.

Thank you teachers for all that you do. I know that this is insanely tough job, but I appreciate all that you do to not only get your kids better, but to become better yourselves.  The hardest part of being a teacher is knowing that you will never truly know the full impact of what you do. Just know that the best teachers make a difference.

Continue to be the positive moment that kids will remember years from now.

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