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The above image is a draft visual that is the basis of my next book, “The Core of Innovative Teaching and Learning” (working title) which connects “The Innovator’s Mindset” and Universal Design for Learning (UDL).  I am blessed to have Katie Novak writing this book with me as her brilliance and expertise is something that I know so many people will benefit from in reading the book, as I have benefitted tremendously in writing alongside her.  She takes UDL and makes it extremely accessible for all educators while providing practical strategies for teachers that they can use, iterate, or hopefully, spark new ideas.  This book is focused on providing strategies for teachers through Katie’s amazing examples that she weaves throughout, but since we focus on learners, we hope to see administrators see the value of mirroring these opportunities in their community.

The book is separated into parts based on the visual above.  Part 1 is on the first two circles. Those four areas are meant to “set the stage” for learners.  “Relationships” is listed in the middle because without a focus on it, the other three strands will not be as effective.

Part 2 is focused on “The 8 Characteristics of the Innovator’s Mindset” (new visual below) and the UDL principles, and their connection to one another.  If part 1 is “setting the stage,” part 2 is about student’s “putting on the production.”

And in Part 3, we discuss some of the opportunities we have to lead from where we are and how important it is that we not only focus on the “whole student” but the “whole educator” as well.

We also discuss “Innovative Teaching and Learning” is not focused on only doing the “latest and greatest” for our students. It is about finding new and better ways to serve our learners, whether through a traditional practice or a new idea.

The book will be out soon, and I look forward to sharing more information as the release date gets closer.  I just wanted the opportunity to share the visuals out with the world.  Feedback is appreciated.

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