The 21st Century Educator; Your Thoughts

21st3.jpgThere is so much conversation about 21st century learning and learners.  As a principal, I want to ensure that I empower my teacher with the opportunities that they can develop their skills in our schools to best meet the needs of students for both now and the future.  How do I do this though?  What are are the skills that I need to help my teachers access in the future, and what skills do I need as a principal.  Unfortunately, many seem to associate “technology integration” with 21st Century skills, but this is only a component.

So instead of writing a post about it, I would love to hear your thoughts?  It would be great to share this resource with others on what skills educators will need in the classroom.

Here is what I am asking for:

  1. Share what you do as an educator (administrator, librarian, teacher, or other role) and age group you work with.
  2. Share where you are from (this may show that there are different skills by region, ie. Are Canada and the United States looking to empower their educators with different skills?)
  3. Your thoughts on the skills that we need to ensure that educators have in the future to best meet the needs of the students we serve.

I would love to put all of your ideas together and summarize in a post in the future, but this blog is not only about sharing my thoughts; it is also about learning from others.

Please share your thoughts.

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