Technology Will Not Redefine Schools

Today I tweeted this article:

As educators, we should always be aware of what is going on in the world, and not be in a state of a perpetual “catch-up”. I appreciated the author sharing these eight technologies and some insights into each:

1. Augmented Reality
2. 3D Printers
3. Cloud Computing
4. New interactive and flexible displays
5. Multi-Touch LCD screen
6. Biometrics
7. Learning based on games
8. MOOCs and other online learning options

(Read the whole article to get an in more depth look.)

This response from Tom Donovan really struck a chord with me:

It reminded of this image created by Bill Ferriter:

I believe there has been a shift in education, but as we see these, and other technologies start to be more commonplace, and make their way into the classrooms, the structure of school, and what the “why” of school is, has to be continuously evaluated.

If we are waiting for some “technology” to come along and redefine schools, we will be either waiting a long time, or it will be too late. This is a shift we will need to create in our own thinking.

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