Stuck in a rut or going deep?

Over the past few years, I have been really focusing on the notion of “innovation in education” and what it actually means?  Sometimes though, I feel that there is a lot of repetition in what I am saying, and although a different audience may not have been exposed to my thoughts, I am on a continual basis.  It is easy to feel “stuck”.

That being said, for anyone to really understand something, we must realize that true depth of knowledge takes time.  The more I read the viewpoints of others on innovation in education, and think about their questions, the more it helps me to think about my own learning.

For about five years, I have been watching this account live tweet World War II on a day to day basis.  Is this someone who is stuck in a rut or will know World War II inside out especially after this process?  The question I wonder about this process is that their is logical ending to this Twitter account; next year will be the end of the war.  Will they continue on to discuss the negotiations and impact after the war, or is this a logical ending to this process?

I truly believe that less is more, and that by focusing on everything, you become good at nothing.  Depth is needed.  What is crucial is to understand when you become too comfortable and are stuck in a rut, or you are looking to dig deeper.  Finding this balance can become tough, but it is important we are constantly reflecting upon our own process.


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