Seeing Past the Behaviour

Just something I have been thinking about…

Some teachers seemed to really enjoy me when I was a student and some teachers (at least it seemed like it) hated me.  When I look back at it, was it me that was different, or was it the teachers?  In reality, it was mostly me.  Here’s what I figured out.

The classes that I struggled the most with (math and sciences) were typically aligned with the teachers that I also struggled the most with personally and acted out the most.  I could get people to laugh, it would take the light off of how much I struggled.  Would you rather be perceived as dumb or funny? I would prefer the latter.

Is there something that teachers could do to help out with this? Absolutely. But it is not the purpose of the post.  It is to remind myself and others that sometimes the kids that you may struggle with the most aren’t necessarily bad kids, they are just struggling.

Sometimes academically.

Sometimes personally.

Sometimes they are simply bored.

Just being aware of that can make a significant difference.

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