Lead For the Job You Want

In Alberta, we have a document for leaders titled, “The Principal Quality Practice Guideline“, which is meant to share guidelines for effective leadership.  The categories are as follows:

  1. Fostering Effective Relationship
  2. Embodying Visionary Leadership
  3. Leading a Learning Community
  4. Providing Instructional Leadership
  5. Developing and Facilitating Leadership
  6. Managing School Operations and Resources
  7. Understanding and Responding to the Larger Societal Context

If you look at most provinces, states, or even countries, they will have a document with similar characteristics or wording.

For someone who is wanting to go into traditional leadership positions, my question would not be, “How would you meet these guidelines?”, it would be, “How are you meeting these guidelines?”  Many of these characteristics could be met in everyday practice as a teacher already.

Example…A teacher that wants to go into leadership yet doesn’t necessarily spend time with staff or students that they do not need to connect with, would be something of a concern going into a leadership position.  If you do not see yourself as part of the larger picture of school already, or don’t even make the effort, you are missing a great opportunity to show the ability to lead from any position.

The idea of, “dress for the job you want”, is applicable.  You are not one day given an administrator position, and then all of these things just start to happen; you make them happen long before the role. If I was to place a bet on someone in leadership position, I am more comfortable with the person that did it with out the “formal” title.

How are you leading today?

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