Just Ask

Jon Corippo shared this awesome yet simple video that shows the power of “asking” from Steve Jobs.

This is a message that my mom taught me as a kid. You never know until you ask, so you might as well do so.

Yet how often do we assume that we can’t get or do something, because of our own unwillingness to ask in the first place. Many educators will share things such as, “My principal would never let me do this”, or “our school district would not be comfortable with me trying this in our classroom”, and my response would be, “Have you talked to them about it?” Most of the time, the answer was “no”. We too often assume.

One thing that I would always try to reinforce with my staff is that I cannot solve a problem that I don’t know exists. We can easily say our “culture” doesn’t allow us to do these things, but just remember, culture is not determined by one person, but the group. Sometimes the reason we can’t do something, is we are too worried about hearing no, but I would rather hear no than wonder what could have been.


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