Giving 100% When You Are Running on Empty

Staring at a blank screen…wanting to write something but having nothing to share.

Feeling exhausted, tired, and running on empty.

Yet I am still writing something down…Why?

Because it is easy to do something we love when we feel inspired, but when we are running on empty, it is extremely hard to let that “love” take over.  The same thing happens with teaching; you may love working with kids and sparking minds, but sometimes when that tank is running on empty, the “passion of teaching” quickly becomes a “job”, and it is hard to show up.

But great teachers not only show up when they have nothing, many of them reach down and dig in for something that you would never know they were having a rough day, were tired, or just needed a day off.  Passion can often take over, but when that passion fades, is when you really have to dig deep, and so many educators do this daily.

I guess I just wanted to write that acknowledgment of those teachers that give their kiddos 100% of themselves, when they are working at a solid five percent of their energy level. Teaching is an insanely hard job when you are full of energy, let alone tired.  I appreciate those educators that not only spend their days inspiring kids, but so much of their own time doing things so that they can be better for those same kids.  Although teaching can seem like a thankless job, there are so many people, like myself, that appreciate what great teachers do for kids daily, even when it is extremely (especially) hard to do so.

You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good. Jerry West

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