Focus on What You Will Gain Over What You Could Lose

I had a good friend ask me about applying for a new job. I am writing this to sort my thoughts out to help. (I am also using my 2024 quotes post and taking a quote to expand on it! I encourage you to do something similar to get your creative juices flowing!)



When trying something new, it is easy to think, “What is the worst that could happen?”

If you envision that, it could actually be quite horrible. In fact, it could be so terrifying that you talk yourself out of trying something new.

The challenge of when doing something new is asking. “What is the best thing that could happen?”

Why is this important?

Because whatever your current situation is, whether it is personal or professional, you kind of already know the extremes.

You could get fired or laid off, which is always possible. 

But do you have a chance for a promotion? Entering a position of leadership? 

The tricky thing about the above is that this is often not about what you can see but what others see in you. Will it take someone leaving in an administrative position for you to finally get the opportunity you are hoping for? Is it just a matter of waiting someone out?

Early in my career, I didn’t care much about my job. I know this. But my attitude changed, and I had a new enthusiasm for my work. But although my ambition and dedication were new, the perception of others seemed rooted in what I was and not where I was going or could be.

It took me a while to realize this, so I decided it was time for a change, and I could set myself up better from the start.

First of all, I made that initial change happen. Then, I took advantage of the blank canvas.

I have never looked back.

If you look at your current situation and the possibility of the next opportunity, the “worst” results will look similar, but the best possible outcomes can look vastly different. Make decisions based on “What is the best that could happen?” 

As I get older, the more I realize that most of my regrets are the things I wish I would have done.

Don’t let the present hold you back from an incredible future. 

(If you are considering applying for a new job, here are some resources that may help!)





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