Evolution of a Lead learner

I have been on Twitter for a year and blogging for less.  The more I have developed my own learning, I truly believe that the learning opportunities for my school through the use of social media have also developed.  Check out the visuals:

I started in my own learning space on this blog in April 2010 and then started a collaborative blog with school administrators on Connected Principals in August 2010.
At the beginning of the school year (September 2010), we ensured that we opened our network to our entire school community through our blog, Twitter, and Facebook. Staff also have their own blogs through this process to role model use for their individual classrooms. All teachers have a blog from K-12.
Students started creating and sharing in their own blogs at our K-12 school in October of 2010. Currently we have over 200 blogs that are being used by staff and students in our community, with an estimated 500 by the end of the school year.

In a short while, a lot of our practice has developed and changed for our students by immersing ourselves in the practice.  You will see more of a focus on student centered learning, and it has been a fantastic journey for myself and our school.

How will immersing yourself in your own learning lead to more relevant opportunities for your students?

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