Data-Driven or Deficit-Focused?

The term “data-driven” tends to be a loaded one, and it is something that has been on my mind.  Schools should have ideas of how they are performing, but when we use data to focus only on how to improve our deficiencies, we are more “deficit-focused”.  The constant game of “whack-a-mole” that we tend to play in schools, does not necessarily help culture or overall learning.

If we are truly data-driven, we should also figure out where we excel and why we excel in certain areas.  What strengths do we have, that could lead to success in other areas.  If our teaching in literacy is high, what factors in the way we teach it, could be conducive to how we teach numeracy?

Data-driven cannot be a disguise for “deficit-focused”. If we want to get better, we need to know and tap into our strengths, as well as focusing on where we need to grow.

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