Creating Change

One of things that I have been really thinking about is not only embracing change, but educators creating it. Creating better ways for our kids and ourselves to learn. Too often change is thrust upon us, yet how often do we lead it?  How often do we create change in education?

Well actually, more than you think (and sometimes you might hear).

Things such as Genius Hour, Innovation Week/Day, Identity Day, Maker Spaces, EdCamps, Flipped Classrooms, revamped professional learning opportunities, using social media to create powerful opportunities for learning, and a myriad of other empowering ways to learn, are things that didn’t exist when I went to school.  Yesterday, the “Global Day of Design” happened (#GDD16 on Twitter) and over 450 schools took part in this an amazing opportunity. Obviously some of these things have been adapted from things that are seen around the world (one of the characteristics of the “Innovator’s Mindset” is being “observant”), but educators are making them happen.  School might not be at the place where we want it to be, but I am seeing it so much better than what it was not only from when I went, but just a few years ago.  A “relentless restlessness” to constantly get better is crucial in any organization, and so many teachers are exhibiting this.

It doesn’t say anywhere in the curriculum to do any of these things.  Nor does it say anything about doing worksheets.  Yet so many educators are choosing innovation and empowerment over creating a compliance model of education.

We can choose for change to be thrust upon us, or we can create it.  The thing is that when you create it, you have WAY more of a say of what it looks like.  I choose the latter.  So do more and more educators every single day.

Change is an opportunity to do something amazing. Let’s not just embrace it as educators, but continue to create it.

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