Because of a Teacher…

Image by John Spencer

It is almost winter holidays for many teachers all over North America.  At this time of year, it can be extremely stressful as kids minds are often other places, sometimes positive, and sometimes negative, but usually not in the classroom.  It can be easy to “check out” yet great teachers all over the world do so much to capture the attention of their students when it is so hard to do so.

You may feel exhausted and, especially now, underappreciated.  At the end of any stretch of work I have had as an educator, I tend to get sick because when you work in education, many educators somehow find a way to hold off being sick until they have some time away from the classroom.  Being sick is not a luxury many teachers take until they have time to do so.  I wish it weren’t the truth but often planning to be away is a lot harder than being present.

(As an aside, if you need a day, take a day. Kids need you to be as healthy as possible, mentally and physically.)

I just want to say “thank you” as you go through some crazy final weeks before the break, but John Spencer does a much better “thank you” in this video.  Take time to watch it and know that even though you don’t hear it enough, you are appreciated.

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