Anticipating the Ups, Downs, and Middles When Chasing Dreams

Marathon training has been fantastic for me, as pushing my physical limits has also challenged my mental capacity.

One week, I was thinking, “Wow! Do I feel fantastic, and I might be in the best shape I have been in my life!” 

And immediately after that moment, I thought, “Enjoy it while it lasts because you know a crash will eventually come.”

It came the next week with an almost injury, decreased time, and feeling incredibly out of shape.

And when that came, do you know what I thought? I will be better soon.

So when I am up, I know a down is coming; when I am down, I know the up shall return.

Why is that?

It is because I saw this video from Olympian and author Alexi Pappas on the “Rule of Thirds”:



Connor Swenson shared the following quote from Pappas and the accompanying image that puts this all into perspective:



“When you’re chasing a big goal, you’re supposed to feel good a third of the time, okay a third of the time, and crappy a third of the time…and if the ratio is roughly in that range, then you’re doing fine.”

Alexi Pappas




Honestly, I have nothing more to add than what I have shared.

Except that if you think this only applies to “running,” you might be missing the big picture. As Pappas shares, the “Rule of Thirds” is about “dream-chasing,” whether personal, professional, physical, or anything else you can imagine.

I will leave you with the final thought from Pappas, as I know this has really helped my thinking in so many facets of my life. A good lesson for 




Be a dream-chaser.


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