A Moment of Gratitude

Here are two things that I have been thinking about a lot lately.

1. Any success I have had in the past and in the future has never ever been done truly on my own. I have been blessed to have so many incredible mentors, colleagues, friends, and family members who have either helped open doors for me, have pushed my thinking, and/or inspired me to action.  So many people I have thanked continuously, but there have been so many others that have no idea that they inspired something in me.  I have been focusing more on the idea of showing gratitude for those opportunities to people in or after the moment.

2. Although I am incredibly grateful for those opportunities, I also know that I have done a lot of work to take advantage of those opportunities when they are presented. Doors can open for you, but if you do not either go through them or even sometimes, kick them down, then they are opportunities lost. I am being more appreciative of my own journey and a little less hard on myself when things don’t seem to go my way.

I love this quote:

Simply stated, I am trying to be more grateful for the help of others, but also appreciative of my own willingness to grow

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