Thriving Through Adversity

Benjamin Disraeli Quote: “There is no education like adversity.”One of my favorite blogs is “Barking Up the Wrong Tree.” It is funny but always pushes my thinking and provides strategies for personal growth.  In the most recent post, “4 Secrets From Stoicism“, it shared some advice that kind of threw me for a loop:

Many of the greats embraced the concept of “Amor Fati.” To not only accept everything that life brings you, good or bad, but to love it. To embrace it. To revel in it. Every single bit of your life. Yes, even the truly horrible, awful, regrettable, don’t-ever-want-to-think-about-it-again moments.

To which I initially responded with a big honking:  Huh? Seriously?

Easier said than done, right?

I encourage you to read the whole post, but here is an excellent little summary:

Here’s how Amor Fati can make you happy:

  • Amor Fati: Merely “accepting” life is not enough. You need the Platinum Pro package. Love every bit of life, good, bad, and ugly. (Yes, that includes traffic.)
  • Denial And Complaining Are The Enemy: Whatever it is, you will accept it eventually. So sooner is better. And whining is wasted energy. The universe doesn’t check its Complaint Box.
  • Flash Forward To The Future: Will this still bother you in a month? A year? Then don’t let it bother you now.
  • Treat Life As A Game: It’s no fun if it’s easy. If your personal story has no conflict, please do me a favor: don’t tell me your story. It’s boring. Do you want a boring life?
  • Feel Gratitude. For The Good And The Bad: You don’t know what, in the end, will be good or bad. So be grateful for it all. And then work to make the short term bad turn into long term good.

This line; “And then work to make the short-term bad turn into long-term good.”

Negatives last as long as you don’t learn from them. From every situation, good and bad, there are things that we can learn from, but if we let the negative linger, it will loom over you.

I always think about why people love superhero movies.  The most significant reason is not that they thrive, but because they succeed through dealing with adversity.

Negatives will happen. Embracing it as part of life is not only part of the challenge, it is an integral part of the journey, and in the end, can make you better. Ultimately, that is up to ourselves.

Turn your wounds into wisdom. -Oprah Winfrey

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