The Myths of Technology Series

There are many different arguments that you hear when dealing with technology in schools and sometimes it is crucial to have the counter-argument ready.  From my own experience of using technology and working with schools and classrooms, I have started to see technology with a different lens.  Although in every statement I share below, there is some truth, it is important that we try to focus on what opportunities technology presents to us as educators to do something that we could not do before.

Below are some of the “myths” that I have focused on this series.  I hope that it can generate some discussion so we can all be thoughtful on using technology to make a difference with our students.

Myth 1: Technology Equals Engagement

Myth 2: Don’t Talk To Strangers

Myth 3: Technology Makes Us Narcissistic 

Myth 4: Technology Will Replace Face-To-Face Interaction

Myth 5: Technology Dehumanizes

Myth 6: Technology Makes Us Dumb

1 thought on “The Myths of Technology Series”

  1. I love this discussion about technology and the myths. I agree that technology increase opportunity for interaction from a distance. But for young people around the millienum age, they don’t know any difference. The change is for those who hold traditional ways of teaching. That’s okay but traditional learning can be implemented using technology.

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